How to make a regular donation

Children's Fund

With just 5 euros a month you will help create a fund to support the children we help every day, in Italy and around the world. Your donation will go where it is most needed and we will update you throughout the year on how your help has changed so many little lives
Change their lives

Sponsor a Heart

Help make the heart of a child with heart disease beat stronger
With 15 euros a month you can donate proper care to a child with severe congenital heart defects and thus save his or her life.
Sponsor a heart

International Sponsorship

Help a child in Asia, Africa or Latin America go to school.
With 25 euros a month you grant a child the right to receive a quality education, even in the most difficult environments, by covering the costs of school fees, books, uniforms. At the same time you assure him or her at least a daily meal and the medical care he or she needs.
Sponsor abroad

Sponsorship in Italy

Open doors to the future of poor children in Italy.
With 15 euros a month you accompany a group of disadvantaged children on their path to growth and education: you cover the fees for nursery school attendance or other educational services and thus ensure access to the canteen, teaching materials and play-educational workshops, basic necessities such as diapers, baby food and formula milk.
Sponsor in Italy

Pink Sponsorships

Give girls a choice and change their destiny.
With 10 euros a month you help a group of girls, in the poorest countries in the world, to finish their studies and thus avoid early marriages or pregnancies: you cover school fees, educational materials and any room and board expenses.
Donate a choice

Regular donation

A regular donation ensures continuity to our projects: your constant help changes the lives of the most fragile children day after day, opportunity after opportunity, and accompanies them towards a better future.

FAQ: Our answers to your questions about regular donations

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