Information on the processing of personal data

We thank you for your interest in the activities and initiatives of the Mission Bambini ETS Foundation. Before releasing your personal data, we invite you to read the following information concerning the processing to which your data will be subjected, in full compliance with the European Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data No. 679/2016 (Articles 13, paragraph 1, and 14, paragraph 1) and Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 of the Code on the Protection of Personal Data, in the parts not expressly repealed by Legislative Decree No. 101/2018.

Indeed, the Mission Bambini Foundation cares about the protection and safeguarding of the personal data of all those who interact with it. Your data are just as important to us as those of the children we help!

The information we are releasing to you applies to any processing related to the statutory purposes, as well as to the website and related subdomains, but not for third party sites that may be accessed through links on the site.
Due to regulatory updates that will be adopted, we encourage you to read and consult the “Privacy Policy” section periodically.

Data controller

The data controller is Fondazione Mission Bambini ETS, CF 13022270154, based in Milan, Via Ronchi 17, phone +39 02 21.00.241, fax +39. 02, E-mail:, PEC:

You can contact us at any time to find out anything about your personal information. We will be glad to give you the information you are entitled to receive.

Data protection officer – RDP / DPO

Mission Bambini ETS Foundation is so attentive to the processing of personal data that it has appointed a Data Protection Officer to whom you are invited to refer for any needs or clarifications regarding processing. The direct contact is

Legal basis of processing

In order to process your data, we must be legitimized to do so. This legitimacy can originate from:

  • your consent;
  • the donation contract;
  • the contract for the purchase of sympathetic gifts;
  • the Foundation’s legitimate interest in pursuing its statutory purposes;
  • Italian law.

Techincal data

During browsing, technical data will be collected, automatically, such as: IP (internet protocol) address, Date and time of visit, Browser used, Number and location of clicks made, the physical address of the device from which the connection is made (so-called MAC Address), the notation addresses of the requested resources, cookies. The collection of technical data is implicit in the operation of the website itself and never involves identification of the data subject.


Technical data also include “Cookies,” small files that the site, or a third party site, sends to the terminal of the data subject where they are stored and then retransmitted to the same sites when necessary. The site uses the following types of cookies:

Technical cookies: these are anonymous cookies whose acquisition is necessary to allow the interested party to navigate the site and use all its features. Their presence also allows for faster and faster navigation and enjoyment of the web, because for example they intervene to facilitate certain procedures when making online purchases, when authenticating in restricted areas or when a website automatically recognizes the preferred language.

Specifically, the technical cookies used are:

  • Functionality or preference cookies (these are those that allow the storage of functionality choices pre-selected by the data subject, such as those of language or geographic area) and, specifically, cookies used by the instant messaging service “” for which please refer to the specific privacy policy available at:
  • Browsing cookies (these are those that ensure normal navigation and enjoyment of the website)

Technical cookies will make themselves available for automatic deletion by the browser in the manner provided by the browser.

Profiling cookies: these are cookies of a non-anonymous nature whose acquisition is necessary to record the activity carried out by the user on the website in order to collect information on the timing of website interrogation, the choices made and, in general, the behavior while browsing. Specifically, profiling cookies provided by the following services are used. Please refer to their respective privacy policies for related information:

Social network

The website has plug ins for social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin. Any cookies may be activated if foreseen by the social and only when the person concerned voluntarily decides to use these plug ins or if they have logged in to the social network before browsing the site and the session is still active.

For the processing of data collected by the social, please refer to their respective privacy policies:

Personal data

Through the site we will only process data of a personal nature that does not belong to special categories of data (such as, first and last name, address, region, country, email, telephone number, tax code or VAT number, place of residence or domicile, comments, messages, wishes, etc.) that you knowingly and freely give us.

Before processing your data, we will provide you with all necessary clarifications, including through this document, so that you can freely express your consent to the processing, if required.

Purpose of treatment

The data collected will be processed, when necessary with your consent, for the following purposes, all of which are strictly and exclusively related to the statutory purposes of the Mission Bambini Foundation:

  • allow you to request and obtain information and obtain information, written or verbal;
  • allow us to send you the newsletter;
  • allow you to donate, even periodically (e.g. for the formalization of a distance or proximity adoption, to receive personalized updates based on your requests, etc.);
  • allow you to purchase solidarity gifts;
  • provide you with assistance when choosing solidarity gifts;
  • carry out promotional, informational and institutional activities (i.e.: sending you our Newsletter, sending you messages related to your chosen topics and otherwise containing information related to the promotion of the Foundation’s awareness and fundraising campaigns);
  • making public your interest in the Foundation’s activities and through the content you generate;
  • raise funds;
  • perform statistical analysis;
  • review proposals for collaboration and evaluate the profiles of aspiring volunteers and collaborators;
  • defend the rights of the Foundation.

Nature of contribution

You can and indeed must freely decide to give us your data and, when requested, to express consent to their processing. In some cases the provision of data is a contractual obligation and a necessary requirement for the conclusion of a contract (e.g. in the case of donation, purchase of solidarity goods, etc.), in others it is optional.
In any case, if you do not confer all the mandatory data we will not be able to provide the service you have requested. For example, we will not be able to collect your donation, answer your questions, or simply send you our newsletter.


In some cases, for the sole purpose of sending you communications of interest to you and to better organize donation management, we will also process data about your donor experience. In other words, we may send you personalized information based on your donor characteristics, namely:

  • type of donor;
  • type of donation;
  • amount donated;
  • frequency of donation;
  • location of donation;
  • mode of donation;
  • aggregate analysis of previous information.

Being able to know your donor characteristics is important to us and has no consequences for you or your rights as a data subject. Such processing is part of an automated decision-making process.

Period of retention of personal data

Your personal data will be kept for a limited period, related to the purposes for which it was collected and in any case no longer than 10 years, subject to any legal obligations and any legitimate interest in the pursuit of the Foundation’s social activities.

At the end of the term, your data will be irreversibly deleted or otherwise anonymized. Before proceeding with the deletion or anonymization, we will send you a notice to allow you to renew your consent to receive information material from the Foundation.

Place of treatment

We will process your personal data at our premises. However, for organizational and security reasons, we also use external IT service providers (e.g. for site hosting service, the cloud service, etc.) whom we have appointed as data processors.

All of our providers are qualified to ensure the most adequate level of security and are based in Italy or otherwise within the European Union. Your data will not leave Europe. If you want to know who we have appointed as data processors, you can contact us anytime by email at

Treatment methods

Your data is processed both on paper and through the use of electronic means. Your data will always be:

  • processed lawfully and fairly;
  • collected and recorded for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes, and used in other processing operations in terms compatible with those purposes;
  • correct or, in any case, corresponding to the information provided to us;
  • relevant, complete and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or subsequently processed;
  • kept in a form which permits identification of the data subject for a period of time not exceeding that necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or subsequently processed.

Within the Foundation, staff have been trained and updated on how they should handle personal data.

Security measures

The processing of personal data is a serious business for us. Your data is our data and we want to protect it in the same way. For this reason, we have taken appropriate technical and organizational security measures to minimize the risk of destruction, loss, unlawful or incorrect use, unauthorized access, or processing that is not permitted or not in accordance with the purposes for which it was acquired.

Communication of data

In some cases, in order to be able to provide you with the service (newsletter, request for adoption or information about our services, etc.) or the good (solidarity gift, etc.) that you have requested from us, we will necessarily have to communicate your data, in addition to our staff, to certain external parties who carry out, also on our behalf, all the activities related or instrumental to it.

Specifically, the external parties we refer to are, for example: the accountant, the tax advisor, the newsletter service provider, the printer, etc.

These individuals are all qualified and, having been appointed by us as external data processors for your personal data, will not be able to make any use of your data other than that for which they have been appointed. You will not receive communications of any kind from such parties.

We then inform you that, in other cases, your data may be communicated to other subjects, entities or Authorities to whose communication of your personal data we are obliged by law or regulation.

If you would like to know the subjects to whom the data are communicated and the full list of the data processors, you can contact us when you wish at the email address:

Disclosure of personal data

Your personal data will not be disseminated (e.g., published on the Internet, included in the newsletter, etc.) unless you give us express consent.

In case you have given us consent, we may disseminate your image through media (television, internet, social networks, etc.) in compliance with the relevant authorization you will have given us.

If, after donating, you decide to leave a message in the appropriate area, it may be, subject to your consent and our evaluation, disseminated through the most common media (television, internet, social networks, projections in public places, printing in magazines, etc.).

Data transfer abroad

Mission Bambini ETS Foundation may in some cases transfer your personal data outside the European Union or to another international organization our partners whom we have appointed through our agreements as data controllers. If necessary, we will request your consent. In any case, the data transferred will be limited to that which is strictly necessary for the fulfillment of the statutory purposes (for example, in the case of distance adoption).

Your use of social plug-ins provided by social networks may involve processing of your personal data outside the European Economic Area.

Rights of the data subject

Your rights are very important to us and we would like to list them all for you. You need to know that you can always request:

  • access to your personal data and information related to them, as well as request copies of them;
  • rectify inaccurate data or supplement incomplete data;
  • request the deletion of personal data concerning you;
  • request the restriction of the processing of personal data provided by you;
  • request and obtain – in cases where the legal basis for the processing is a contract or consent, and the processing is carried out by automated means – personal data in a structured, machine-readable format, also for the purpose of communicating such data to another data controller (so-called right to personal data portability);
  • object at any time to the processing of personal data;
  • withdraw consent to data processing at any time. Processing based on consent and carried out prior to revocation of consent retains, however, its lawfulness;
  • prohibit us, in the event of your untimely death, from allowing those who have an interest of their own, or act on your behalf, as your proxy, or for family reasons deserving protection, to exercise, limited to the information society services we offer you, the rights listed above. In such a case you must send us a written statement.

Requests should be addressed to Mission Bambini ETS Foundation based in Milan at Via Ronchi 17, phone +39 02 21.00.241 fax +39. 02 E-mail:, or to the DPO / DPO (data protection officer) at the following address:


We also remind you that you always have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority (