Women’s Empowerment: when education is a lifelong choice


67.4 million

girls worldwide do not have access to upper secondary education.




Africa (Uganda) – Latin America (Brazil) – Asia (Bangladesh, India)

  •  Girls and young women who lack access to secondary, higher and tertiary education and who are at risk of experiencing abuse, early marriage and pregnancy.

by 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in school closures for 1.57 billion students in more than 190 countries while generating economic hardship that has led many families to invest less in their daughters’ education, forced instead to take on domestic and caregiving responsibilities. In this situation, girls and young women have found themselves exposed to an even greater risk of early marriage, child labor, and domestic violence: it is estimated that 11 million of them may never return to school. With our women’s empowerment program, on the other hand, we have ensured that 574 girls and young women are able to continue their education.

Help girls and young women in need: find out how you can help them be the protagonists of their future.