Stringhe (Strings): a step forward to fight educational poverty and school segregation


1.35 million

minors live in absolute poverty in Italy, +209 thousand compared to 2019.


4 years (2020-2024)


Catania, Milan, Naples

  • Children aged 5-11, who live in environments characterized by severe economic and social deprivation.
  •  Preschools and elementary schools in suburbs, which often have a higher concentration of children in economically and socially disadvantaged situations and therefore increasing difficulties in school (phenomenon of school segregation).
  • Teachers and educators, trained in a new teaching methodology, capable of integrating sport and physical activity with robotics and digital education.
Supported by:

 Con i Bambini social enterprise, as part of the call for funds “Un passo avanti” (“One step forward”)


at national level CNR National Research Council – Institute for Educational Technology, Stripes Cooperative and Palestra per la Mente, Laureus Italia Foundation, Avanzi
in Milano Municipality of Milan, Comprehensive School “Cesare Cantù”, Comprehensive School “Locatelli Quasimodo”, Comprehensive School “Trilussa”, Aquilone Foundation, Maria Anna Sala Foundation
in Naples Municipality of Naples, Preschool and elementary school “30° C.D. Parini”, Celus Association
in Catania Municipality of Catania, Comprehensive School “Dusmet-Doria”,  Talità Kum Association

the “Stringhe – piccoli numeri in movimento” (Strings – small numbers on the move) project could not take place according to the planned schedule and modalities, first due to the closure of schools caused by the pandemic and later, in the 2020-2021 school year, due to restrictions imposed within the institutions. However, thanks to a rescheduling of the measures agreed together with Con i Bambini, all the activities preparatory to the start of the project (training of 200 teachers and educators, definition of the schedule of activities, purchase of materials) were carried out in 2020, and motor activity and educational robotics workshops for 2,600 children began in early 2021.
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