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You are the one at the heart of it

Seneca said: “Those who help others help themselves.” Come and discover with us how true this is.

For Mission Bambini, volunteering is not just about selflessness: the time you decide to devote to children will be time that benefits them, you and the entire community.

There are many different volunteering opportunities at Mission Bambini, but they all allow you to truly help, every day, the most fragile children living abroad or in Italy. Whichever ways you choose, it is important for you to know that:


are always been the focus of our help: our task is to support them
and accompany them towards their future, so that they can make their dreams, their wishes come true.

your time

is precious and we are grateful that you choose to donate it: every minute spent helping a child is a minute earned, in the challenge of giving back to that child the dignity to which he or she is entitled.

the 5 values

that guide our Foundation and the work of our volunteers are: Freedom, Justice, Truth, Respect for others, Solidarity. Learn more about who we are and our values

your skills

and enthusiasm are important to us and we want to make the most of them.


we can accomplish something important.

Volunteer activities

Volunteers for education in Italy

Theme meetings in schools

Volunteers meet students to raise their awareness of the values of solidarity and volunteer work, also by telling about Mission Bambini’s commitment in the poorest environments abroad and in Italy.
Aim: to spread the culture of giving.
Mode: in-person

Student tutoring

Adequately trained volunteers offer their time to support pupils who are struggling with their studies.
Aim: to counter school segregation by increasing the educational plans of suburban schools.
Mode: in-person and online

Summer camps

Full-immersion volunteer experience of one or more weeks at our projects in Italy. Aim: to support educators during the summer break in carrying out educational and recreational activities with children and youth.
Mode: in-person

Sustainable development education project

Meetings with classes of students to address, through the game Piantalà, the theme of environmental protection and sustainable development. Aim: to contribute to the development of awareness of the importance of biodiversity and environmental sustainability for the growth of children and the community in which they live.
Mode: in-person


Consistent or periodic volunteer experience at one of our Mission Bambini’s Stars in Bari, Catania, Naples and Sesto San Giovanni.
Aim: volunteers will be responsible for providing support to the educational facility through activities of various kinds to be agreed upon with local contact persons, depending on needs.
Mode: in-person

Volunteers for education abroad

International volunteering

Minimum 2-week volunteer experience abroad at one of our projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Eastern Europe. Aim: to support local personnel in carrying out daily activities with children and youth (teaching, animation, outings).
Mode: in-person

Volunteers for support, awareness and promotion

Our volunteers can become promoters of our values and mission on many occasions to help children.

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