Restart from us: recovery after the pandemic


9 million

children in Italy have been experiencing negative impacts in terms of mental health and resilience to traumatic events due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


1st phase school year 2020-2021
2nd phase school year 2021-2022


1st phase Milan, in the Marcello Candia, Confalonieri, Don Orione and Ermanno Olmi Comprehensive schools – Brescia, in partnership with Istituto Vittoria Razzetti Onlus.
2nd phase Milan, in the Marcello Candia and Don Orione Comprehensive schools – Rome, in the Via delle Carine and Salvatore Pincherle Comprehensive schools, in partnership with Fondazione Don Luigi di Liegro.

  •  Preadolescents and adolescents aged 11 to 18 and teachers.
Supported by:

Fondation Dora

Results 1st phase:
in 2020, 36 individual and group meetings were held, during which 393 students (360 in Milan and 33 in Brescia) dealt with the feelings of alienation and loneliness experienced during the isolation caused by the restrictions: from the difficulties of Distance Learning to forced cohabitation in often confined home spaces, to the lack of relationships with friends and classmates. In addition, listening opportunities were offered to 80 teachers, with the aim of accompanying them in processing their experiences and discovering a new way of teaching.

Results 2nd phase:
following on the steps taken, in 2021 the intervention will focus on processing the negative emotions experienced during the last school year and strengthening students’ self-esteem and sense of security, involving about 240 pupils in Milan and Rome.