Education 360°: shelter and quality education for all children




Education Africa (Cameroon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Uganda) – Latin America (Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Dominican Republic) – Asia (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Philippines, India, Thailand) – Europe (Serbia)
Shelter Africa (Cameroon, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Uganda) – Latin America (Bolivia) – Asia (Cambodia, Philippines, India, Thailand)

  • Children and youth who do not have access to pre-primary, primary and secondary schooling.
  • Children and youth in need (e.g., orphans, HIV-positive, refugees, street children), who are in need of shelter and complementary educational support.

in 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in school closures for 1.57 billion students in more than 190 countries while generating economic hardship that caused many families to invest less in their children’s education. Our Foundation granted full spending flexibility to partners abroad, with the goal of continuing to enable 4,649 children and adolescents to access quality primary and secondary education: of these students, 90 percent passed to the next grade.
Specifically, the savings generated by the reduction of costs during the months when schools were closed were allocated to remote education activities (online or offline); adjustment of school facilities and residential care centers to local regulations through the purchase of personal protective equipment, sanitizing products, and handwashing systems; and awareness campaigns for the prevention of infection. In addition, families in greater economic difficulty were helped through the distribution of food products and psychological support measures.