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Get personally involved to change the life of a child in need: choose the occasion you want to celebrate and the project for which you want to raise funds; create your personal online page; share your idea with friends and family and involve them in achieving your goal.

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Whenever you celebrate an important milestone in your life, you can help us make a child’s future brighter. Choose our solidarity favors and gifts, make your party an occasion for solidarity.

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Your signature, for a future where children are leading players.
In your tax statement, enter our tax code 13022270154 and sign in the space “Support for volunteer work and other non-profit organizations”.


Donations in memory

Keep the memory of a loved one alive.
Make a donation in memory and the person you loved will live on in the smiles of many children.



Your bequest: a lucky star that lights up the future of children.
In your will you bequeath to the most fragile children an asset of unique value: the opportunity for a better life.

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65,7 cents

for direct aid to children
and institutional activities

(3.288.481 €)

26,6 cents

to ensure the continuity of
our activities and for general expenses

(1.329.980 €)

7,7 cents

for fundraising, to allow us
to help more and more children,
and for other charges

(359.492 €)

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