Mission Bambini’s Star in Bari

The context in numbers


women in the Libertà neighborhood, who are of working age and unemployed


Via Manzoni 226/A

Type of service:

0-6 years old


APS Mama Happy

The service

The Hub Nest offers several activities:
– Experimental educational service, run by two educators and with the presence of a psychologist and a
social worker, dedicated to the age group 3-36 months. The service is aimed at strengthening the parent-child relationship and provide families with educational tools for the management and growth of the child. Priority will be given to children reported by the local services and in economic and educational poverty.

– Individual and group meetings for parents, held by a psychologist, a pediatrician, a nutritionist and a midwife on issues related to the different developmental stages of children, in addition to individual interviews with a psychologist and a social worker.

– Support and empowerment actions dedicated to families to ensure information, orientation and access to public and private services, opportunities for personal and professional growth, activation of the Family Fund.

Mission Bambini's intervention

Each Star offers an educational project built on the real needs and requirements of each child attending the Center.

Special attention is also given to families: each Star has the option of establishing a Fund to support those living in absolute poverty, which has been worsened by the current pandemic and energy crisis. Access to the fund is based on the presence of objective parameters related to the socio-economic situation of families, but it is also based on their willingness to participate in psycho-pedagogical parenting support programs. The main objective is to strengthen the educational role of families, leading them to become an integral part of “educating communities”.